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Two years ago in 7th grade, my science teacher Mr. bush was tutoring me for a few days since I had missed 3 days of school. My grade in his class wasn’t the best in the world and he knew that. every day for about a week we would stay after school and work on pages of the science book. After my tutoring days were done with his class I still had trouble with his class. He noticed I was still having trouble in his class. He pulled me aside after class and asked if I still needed tutoring. he said he would take time out of his personal life to rise my grade. another week of tutoring had gone by. My grade had increased. Thank you Mr. bush for helping me.


A few years ago in my recent middle school a lot of bullying had went on and the guidance counselor said he could not do any thing about me getting bullied. But one of my teachers who was a social studies teacher noticed that I was getting  bullied. So one day she held me after class and we sat down and talked about my problem. She contacted the principle and organized an anti-bulling assembly. I want to thank Ms.salveria for making the bulling that was going on be known.


One of my high school teacher basically transformed my writing style. She was my AP English teacher for two years and was a really tough grader, but she was sure to go through every misspelling, rewording, etc. that needed to be done, no matter how long it took. She actually just retired this year and I couldn’t make it to her party in Dallas. She also showed us the beauty that is Dead Poets Society. At the end of the school year as seniors, we got on our desks and surprised her with the whole “O Captain, My Captain” scene for her.                        -Connor 

Ellen and Amy were two of my sixth-grade teachers when I had been diagnosed with cancer. Regardless of being a new student at the school, they (together with the rest of the faculty) showed my loved ones and me nothing but support during my journey to recovery. Through the rest of the year, when I wasn’t going through rounds of chemotherapy or with surgery, they were at my house, teaching me and making sure I didn’t fall behind. Having this sort of support was invaluable in my profession – I managed to maintain and socially with my friends and the remainder of the sixth grade. If we did not have time between hospital visits, over that, they cooked foods; they came to assist with my medical bills; they coordinated a walk-a-thon in our school to rally support. It, they did it all. These are just the types of teachers our schooling system needs, while I understand this was a particular case. Then years later, as a junior in college, I reflect on the impact these incredible girls left on me and my loved ones. –Brooke Alden

I Love You Ms.Urick

She’s kind to everyone. I know because it is seen by me, this is true. She understands my needs that are sensory . She waits for me before school. In the morning when I get out of the car she tries her best to sing my favorite song, but she does not always sing it exactly perfect. Ms. Urick helps me set up with a buddy to eat with at lunch. When I’m not feeling like eating with a buddy, I go in my homeroom and eat while still sitting alongside her while she works on her laptop. She gives me challenging job that I am good at. –Noah Prins



Law Enforcement Blogs added by site visitors  

This year at the local Marti gras parade a little girl seemed to be having a bad day. A police officer who was making sure people don’t get in the way of the floats saw the little girl sitting down on the curb of the street crying. He officer went up to her and asked what’s wrong. she said she wasn’t able to get any beads from any of the passing  floats because they hadn’t noticed her. so he took her hand and stopped one of the floats. He had asked if they could give the little girl some beads. she was given a whole bag full of rainbow, big, small beads. then the officer left. This is a good example of kindness.                                                                    -Connor 

 A police officer last year our school police officer retired out of the police force. Every one from the middle school had made a card for the officer. Officer brown had been the school officer for 5 years, every one was sad to see him leave but during those five years he helped out around town by volunteering at the homeless shelter and toys for tots. Thank you officer brown for helping out all those people.


Being stopped by a cop can normally induce panic—but a number of lucky people were all smiles when this officer approached them. As he walked the streets of his 14-year patrol route one final time, a retiring Minnesota policeman, sought out citizens who could use some extra money for groceries or school supplies and handed them gift cards.                                     -Connor

After having a short appreciation service before kickoff, approximately 20 officers and representatives from federal, state, county, city, and also New Mexico State University stood against the players from both teams during the playing of their national anthem.

“Our aim by holding a law enforcement appreciation match would be to give the respect that these heroes deserve,” explained MVCS Team Captain Tyler Franzoy. “We want to put an example to teams and schools around us.”

John Foreman, who directs the college, said he didn’t hesitate to support if the team’s seniors approached him about honoring officers in the match.

“I had been impressed by the team’s desire to create a difference for many the others,” he explained. “Usually it is the adults who create these kinds of favorable events, but that has been created from their hearts of our pupils.”Seniors JoJo Coyle, Tate Wasser, Caleb Smith and Adam Takeshita combined the officers and coaches in the 50-yard lineup for the national anthem.

The dilemma of standing for the national anthem before soccer games turned into a public topic of discussion earlier this season after San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick stated he planned to sit during the playing of the anthem in protest. The quarterback, who’s biracial, has cited numerous reasons for his actions, ranging from racial injustice and minority oppression to police brutality and also the therapy of army veterans.

“The concept is that we have a great deal of issues in this country that we need to deal with,” Kaepernick told the Associated Press. “We have a good deal of people that are oppressed. We have a good deal of people that are not treated equally, which are not given equal chances. Police brutality is a massive thing that has to be dealt with. There are a lot of issues which need to be talked about.”

In a news release issued to websites, MVCS didn’t expressly address Kaepernick’s actions or name the player.The release did estimate players speaking about why honoring law enforcement is significant to them.MVCS Team Cap Joshua Mitchell said the matter is personal, as his grandfather and uncle both function as country policeman.


“We need people to remember that law officers are real people with families; and if people judge all law enforcement based on a few situations it’s as wrong as any other stereotype,” Mitchell stated.

“It is hard to see all of the negativity and lack of respect toward law enforcement,” Franzoy explained. “These men and women who serve have gone over and beyond and also make many sacrifices to guarantee security in our lives. Yes, mistakes have been made, but this isn’t any reason to fault all law enforcement.”

As a country, we’re in a crossroads. Considering that the police killings of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Ezell Ford, and much more, the Movement for Black Lives has mastered the entire world and shined a bright light about the dire need for systemic changes to policing nationally. And while a lot of us are speaking about the issue and taking actions to tackle it, it appears that each and every day, we hear a different horror tale of an individual of colour being ceased, attacked, or killed from the hands of law enforcement. Each story makes my heart hurt. This can not proceed.


Officer Ronald Tarentino was captured during a traffic stop early Sunday morning and pronounced dead at UMass Memorial Medical Center. Police said the defendant, Jorge Zambrano, was killed hours after during a shootout with officials.

Tarentino’s body was escorted by police to some Leicester funeral home in Boston and police and firefighters lined the roads to salute the hearse. Others parked their squad cars and firetrucks on overpasses over the Mass Pike to pay their respects. Residents joined first responders in inviting the hearse as it came in Leicester.

State Police hosted a comedy benefit in Worcester Sunday to raise money for the family of dropped Trooper Thomas Clardy, who was killed in March when a motorist struck his patrol car on the Mass Pike. Organizers of the advantage said it is their job to support the officers’ families after they lose their loved ones.

Tarentino came from a family of police officers. His father is a retired Medford police officer along with his uncle is still a officer with that division. The department posted a message on Facebook:

“The reduction of yet another police officer’s life hits very close to home for us…please keep the family and friends of Officer Tarentino in your mind now.”



First Responders  Blogs added by site visitors

First aid at work courses not only save the lives of thousands of people every year but the actions of those who have administered first aid have given inspiration to colleagues, family and friends to become first aiders. Paramedics who save lives are hero’s because they save more than a life, they save faith and helping people live.                                               -Connor

I thank all of you who everyday without hesitation educate our children, protect our cities, volunteer and contribute in times of crisis. You risk your lives for our safety and security. I am disabled and I sometimes have to find food from my church. I have lupus and lost my husband to leukemia. God Bless all of you. I simply packed 4 big garbage bags with clothing, shoes, coats for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey
This is the America I know and Love Thank you Leticia


Military/ Veteran’s  Blogs sent by  added by site visitors


Joe Serna retired from the military after the war in Afghanistan, with three Purple Hearts. His time in the middle east was punctuated by the slow drowning of his brothers in arms around him, as the vehicle in which they rode sank into murky water. The road beneath it had collapsed, and Serna himself only survived because the water stopped rising when it reached his chin. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has haunted the veteran ever since his return, and the former Green Beret turned to alcohol in an attempt to numb his suffering.
Serna was arrested for drunk driving, and given several years’ probation. One of the conditions of his punishment was that he would be prohibited from alcohol consumption for the duration. When the veteran failed a urine test and lied about it. The judge knew that he had to be held accountable. This is where, in most cases, such a story would end. But Olivera, a veteran of the Gulf War, appended an act of extraordinary compassion to his verdict.
The Veterans Treatment Court judge drove to the jail in which Serna was being held, and asked the administrator that he be allowed to share Serna’s cell for the duration of his stay. As Serna began to suffer flashbacks of the slow death of his friends around him, the judge had appeared to walk him through the night. “Joe was a good soldier and he’s a good man,” the judge said. “I wanted him to know I had his back. I didn’t want him to do this alone.”                           -Connor



Hi, I know this is probably going to be a different type of email you’ve received but I’m reaching out today after several years of pain. Currently my fiancee and her 8 yr old son are wandering/stranded to the previous 6 days in Denver, CO.. Their flight home was mixed up and overbooked then rather than rescheduling the airline put the tickets to some refund status, although that takes up to 21 times and a second 14 days for the bank to process. I know your company very well and that I understand that help is not provided for these situations but allow me to tell you a bit about me. I’m a father, I’m a military veteran, all the guys in my household are army veteran, my first born daughter was born with Hystiocytisis-X(cancer), she passed away in 20 months following 17 months in the hospital fighting for her life. I have never asked for assistance from any business through it all even though constantly provided. Now I’m in need after many years and I am taking a chance to achieve out looking and searching for help and having trust. I still have some faith in humankind, anything will help to get her and our son home to myself and our two younger children would help, Thank you for your time, Dan Frank