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Law Enforcement

There’s no doubting the importance of our nation’s law enforcement on a daily basis. Unfortunately, few people recognize these heroes the way they deserve. At Pay It Forward Every Day, we strive to give those who protect us the gratitude they deserve.

Keep in mind that discounts for law enforcement personnel often consist of reduced rates on everything from auto and homeowner insurance to mobile phone service and even auto maintenance. If you’re in the industry, you know that these discounts range from 10 to 20 percent. Unfortunately, the majority of these rate reductions aren’t advertised, meaning public safety workers must investigate which companies offer them. Our team recommends that you always ask when you’re buying insurance, cell phone service, or other potential sources for discounts.

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For police officers and other law enforcement professionals, you can also find savings on cruise lines. You’ll find that Holland America, Royal Caribbean, and Costa Cruises, among others, provide generous discounts on cruises.

Do you consider yourself a sportsman? Several sporting goods stores, such as Cabela’s, offer discounts for law enforcement officers. Don’t forget, either, to see if any of your favorite local merchants give discounts as a way of thanking our heroes for their service. It might be just a free cup of coffee or sandwich at lunch, but it can definitely brighten your day!

Pay It Forward Everyday was founded with the sole purpose of giving back to our nation’s true heroes. It goes without saying that law enforcement officers do an incredible job of keeping us safe by putting their own lives in harm’s way. We would like to thank you in advance for your sacrifice to protect our nation. At no charge, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on cruises, land excursions, weekend excursions, merchandise, services, and home improvement needs.